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Social Problems of Our Worldβ€” How TDK Meets the Challenge

The problems facing modern society are manifold, ranging from climate change and other environmental problems to social concerns such as the poverty gap. The nature of the issues and their regional extent also differ widely. In this challenging world, TDK is looking for ways to help in finding solutions by utilizing our strengths as an enterprise. By focusing on key issues under the aspect of CSR, we aim to contribute towards solving problems while continuing to develop as a business and work towards the realization of a sustainable society. Continued evolvement of business / Creation of a sustainablesociety
  • 1 Contribution to the world by technology
  • 2 Development of human resources
  • 3 Society and environmental considerations in the supply chain
  • 4 Symbiosis with the global environment
  • Resources and energy problems:Resources required by humanity in 2030 2 globes' worth *1
  • Economic gap:Percentage of OECD member countries where gap increased 75% *2
  • Poverty:Number of people subsisting on less than 1.25 USD per day (as of 2008) 1.29billion *3
  • Food shortages:Number of people suffering from malnutrition 925million *4
  • Climate change:Sea level rise by 2100 Max. 59 cm *5
  • Loss of biodiversity:Global nature loss in past 30 years -28% *1
  • Water shortage Number of people without enough water in 2025 2 in 3 *6

References: *1 WWF "Living Planet Report 2012," *2 According to OECD Tokyo Center, *3 According to World Bank, Tokyo Office, *4 FAO Report "State of Food Insecurity in the World 2010," *5 IPCC "Fourth Assessment Report" (2007), *6 UNEP "Global Environment Outlook 4" (2007)

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