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Helping to solve social problems by delivering true value. TDK will continue to advance towards this goal. Takehiro Kamigama President & CEO, TDK Corporation

Helping to find future-oriented solutions to social issues

Next year, TDK will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the company’s founding. At this important milestone, we will be renewing our firm commitment to positively engage with an ever changing world and to do our best in contributing to find solutions to pressing issues in various fields of life.

Looking at the environment for example, we aim to create highly energy-efficient products that will help society at large to save energy. We also believe that we have an important mission in providing electronic components that play a crucial role in storage batteries, thereby contributing to a more widespread utilization of renewable energy sources such as wind power and geothermal power.

In the field of automobiles, eco-friendly cars including hybrids and electric vehicles are expected to become more commonplace in the near future. This also means a move away from the combustion engine to higher reliance on electric motors, so that we are seeing a progressive “electronification” of the automobile. In view of the aging of society, it is also certain that the use of sensor-based functions for preventing accidents will become more prevalent and will create new market needs. As a manufacturer of electronic components, we have an important role to play in supporting and enabling such changes.

Another field where dramatic technological innovation will take place against the background of the aging society is health care and nursing. This may even extend to the use of robots to help in performing nursing tasks and the development of wearable devices designed to compensate for bodily functions that deteriorate with advancing age. By developing products and components in this sector, TDK wishes to help raise the quality of life, both for aged or disabled persons themselves as well as for their carers and society in general.

Towards a fully connected world

The possible widening of the so-called “digital divide” is a problem of serious concern, and the TDK Group has identified it as another area where we hope to make a positive contribution. The spread of the Internet and a networked infrastructure are creating a world where it is possible to obtain the same information instantly, regardless of one’s geographical location. In this kind of connected society, we must be careful not to create a gulf between those who have easy access and those who do not, be it due to factors such as age, nationality, place of residence, or economic circumstances. To this end, we want to develop and supply products that provide high functionality while being practical and affordable, helping to ensure that everybody can freely access the information that they need.

Furthermore, as a “mid-stream” enterprise that sources materials and parts for our own products, which in turn are supplied to manufacturers of end products, we place great importance on implementing a firm CSR stance over the entire supply chain. We are therefore actively engaged in efforts to help solve the problem of conflict minerals. Not only through activities of our own group but also through industry channels such as the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), we do our utmost to eliminate minerals from the supply chain that are linked to violations of human rights and are being used to fund groups that commit inhumane acts.

Becoming an organization drawing on the power of human resources

In order to accelerate such efforts at contributing to solve social issues, it is increasingly important to take advantage of a variety of human resources by actively promoting diversity. As both overseas production and overseas marketing become more and more substantial, we must reach beyond borders and pursue overseas recruitment with renewed zeal.
Nationality, race, and gender are no longer a factor, as we intend to swiftly establish a framework and hiring policies that are geared towards discovering and fostering human resources based on performance and abilities.

Continuing to meet challenges

At the beginning of our company’s history almost 80 years ago stood the commercialization of the magnetic material ferrite. Coming from these roots and building on our strengths, in particular with magnetic technology, we have branched into various fields, offering products in a timely manner and aiming to be of use to society. This spirit which can be seen as our company’s DNA is still going strong and will guide us also in the future.

The move from electronics to spintronics that will expand the possibilities of magnetics is bound to further boost the potential of the TDK Group as well. Striving to become “the world’s most powerful technology development group,” we will continue to meet the challenges that we encounter along the way.

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