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TDK FUJITSU Philippines Corporation
TDK FUJITSU Philippines Corporation
TDK FUJITSU Philippines Corporation
Location 119 East Science Ave., Special Export Processing Zone, Laguna Technopark, Binan, Laguna, Philippines
Production Magnetic heads (HGA)
Land 83,000 square meters
Premises 38,400 square meters
Completion December 1997
Description of the Sites and Its Policy
FY 2007 Targets and Results
Communication with Local Communities
Environmental Burden Data
Description of the Sites and Its Policy
Environmental Policy-TDK Fujitsu Philippines Corporation
TDK Fujitsu Philippines Corporation recognizes the environmental impacts of our manufacturing operations and strives to preserve and improve the environment by controlling and eliminating such impacts. Cooperating with stakeholders, we make efforts to continuously improve our environmental objectives in every aspect of our business activities.To achieve our commitment, we will act in accordance with the following policies.
1. Through the implementation of the environmental management system, we will continuously evaluate and improve environmental achievements. In doing so, we will focus on the establishment and review of objectives and targets regarding the following issues:
- Reduction of waste materials and pollutant control
- Energy and water saving
- Reduction of chemical substances;
2. We will comply with all applicable environmental laws and other restrictions including the Company's own environmental rules;
3. We will educate and raise the awareness of all employees, contractors and local residents regarding the importance of environmental policies and programs to be implemented by all employees of the office, regardless of their position in the organization;
4. This Policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to the public upon request.
  Enacted December 1999
Revised December 2004
FY 2007 Targets and Results
Objectives Targets Results
Environmental Management System Regulatory Compliancee Obtain effluent quality lower than the government


Parameter Std Target
BOD, ppm 50 35
COD, ppm 100 60
Oil, ppm 5 3.5
Effluent Results
BOD - 12.2 ppm
COD - 32.9 ppm
Oil - 1.6 ppm
Environmental Risk Management Reduce chemical consumption by at least 10% at the end of FY 2007 based on FY 2006 input (March)

To improve emergency preparedness and response procedure
Reduced chemical consumption by only 1.7% due to some of the programs were not implemented due contamination issues

Conducted two evacuation drill, two SCBA training and two Fire Safety Training. Also, joined the LTAI Fire Fighting Competition (8th placer out of 22 companies)
Environmental Community Organize/participate in at least 4 community activities for FY 2007 Organize/participate 4 community activities
Environmenttal Aspect Promotion of environmentally preferable themes Implementation of EHS programs
Transition to company-wide EM system Integration of EM system Held monthly meeting with EHS Core Group Leaders and Dept Reps
Energy Conservation Reduce fuel consumption To reduce 61,000 L of diesel fuel per month Ave. 228,301 liters of diesel fuel were save per month
Waste Management Waste reduction through the observance of the 4Rs To reduce 1.5% or 280.47 kgs. of the monthly generated waste from the Production Area. Target was not met due to increase in manpower.
Hazardous Waste Management Zero Environmental Accident through proper handling, storage and disposal of hazardous substance Ensure proper handling, storage and disposal No accident
Water Conservation To reduce domestic water consumption To save at least 1.5L per flush in water closet toilets Modified all 137 toilets
Risk Management of Chemical Subtances Make an MSDS Database 100% Completion by Decmber 2007. MSDS Database is available online and accessible by all TFPC employees. Generate procedure regarding MSDS Registration and continuous implementation.
Communication with Local Communities
June 2, 2007 - TFPC Vicinity Cleaning
June 2, 2007 - TFPC Vicinity Cleaning
June 2, 2007 - TFPC Vicinity Cleaning

As one of the TFPC's commitment in protecting the environment by controlling its impacts arising from its manufacturing operation, TFPC conducted Vicinity Cleaning. 28 employees from different departments joined this activity. This also sets a good example to neighbor companies to took initiative in cleaning-up surrounding areas not just within their plant. Around 32.6 kgs of garbage were collected.
June 2, 2007 - Tree Planting at Fort Sto. Domingo
June 2, 2007 - Tree Planting at Fort Sto. Domingo
June 2, 2007 - Tree Planting at Fort Sto. Domingo

One of the biggest problem the world is facing is the climate change and the major contribution is the excessive emission of carbon dioxide mostly coming from vehicles and industrial companies. TFPC gave effort to reduced it through Tree Planting. With this small effort, we can helped reduce 1 ton of carbon dioxide through 1 tree planted. A total of 103 tree samplings were planted by TFPC.
Environmental Burden Data
  • Atmosphere (Ambient Air Quality Standard)
  • Facility Fuel Substances emitted*1 Regulatory level*2 Results
    Average Maximum
    Generator (six units) Heavy oil Sulfur oxides 1500 14.8 25.5
    Nitrogen oxides 2000 1151 1991
    TSP 150 35.1 104
    Carbon monoxide 500 260.3 497
    *1 Unit: mg/Nm3
    * Regulation value: The strictest value of all regulation values for the target facility.
    * TSP: Total suspended particulates
  • Water Quality (Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard)
  • Category Regulatory level Results
    Average Maximum
    pH 6.5∼9.0 7.6 7.0∼8.4*1
    BOD 50 12.7 39.4
    TSS 70 9.2 39
    Oil and fat 5 1.8 3.8
    Chromium oxides 0.1 0.03 0.05
    Cadmium 0.05 0.033 0.081
    Surfactant 5 0.39 1.32
    COD 100 32.5 54.7
    Formaldehyde 1 0.09 0.12
    Mercury 5 0.001 0.005
    Lead 5 ND ND
    * Unit: No unit for pH, mg/liter for others
    * BOD: Biochemical oxygen demand
    * COD: Chemical oxygen demand
    * TSS: Total dissolved solids
    *1 Minimum and maximum pH values
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