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Responsibility to Employees

Basic Personnel Policies

Basic Personnel Policies

We regard our employees as one of our most important assets for realizing the corporate motto. Our basic principle concerning personnel holds that the development of human resources is the source of true and lasting prosperity for the company. We are therefore promoting a variety of measures aimed at creating an environment and framework wherein we respect each employee's individuality, and each employee can spontaneously expand his or her abilities and potential to the greatest possible extent.

What we aim for

  • People who have vision and demonstrate creative and constructive powers
  • People who have courage and take the initiative when confronting problems
  • People who are trustworthy and possess a spirit of honesty and service

Personnel Policy

TDK's personnel policy is based on a strong belief in rationality and fairness, with a results oriented, equal opportunity approach. Hiring is not affected by personal attributes such as gender or nationality.

Overview of TDK's Personnel System

The evaluation and compensation system that forms the foundation of our personnel system is based on a self-management system, which focuses on discovering talent and achieving results. Our self-management system is not merely an evaluation system, but a system whose main purpose is to increase each individual employee's abilities, self-determination and sense of participation. The system also aims to improve communication between employees and their superiors.

Overview of TDK's Personnel System
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