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Responsibility to the Local Community (Social Contribution Activities)

Social Contribution Activities

Basic Concept of Contributing to Society

As a corporate citizen, TDK recognizes the importance of coexisting with the community and, thinking about what we can do for society as a company, promotes various original social contribution activities.


Based on TDK's corporate motto of "Contribute to culture and industry through creativity," the TDK Group aspires to foster the development of a healthy and prosperous society by implementing various activities in which all TDK employees can feel committed and connected to the community.


The TDK Group will utilize its various resources (employees, products, capital, information, etc.) to globally implement proactive community activities - both alone and working alongside NPOs and NGOs - that contribute to the betterment of society in the areas of (1) academic, research, and education, (2) sports, art, and culture, (3) environmental conservation, and (4) social welfare and local community service activities.

Academic, Research and Education Activities

TDK is willing to return the profits of its activities to local communities by utilizing our accumulated product technologies and human resources. Specifically, TDK wishes to offer opportunities for young people who will lead the next generation to acquire a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and skills.

Summer Holiday Electronics Workshop Held (TDK History Museum)
Summer Holiday Electronics Workshop Held (TDK History Museum)

Our goal is to get children interested in monozukuri manufacturing, and to enable them to see how exciting and fun it is. Since 2007, we have implemented programs for elementary junior high school students from in and around Akita Prefecture. To date, we have had a total of 2,112 participants.

In FY2015, we have held this event a total of seven times in Nikaho City and Akita City in Akita Prefecture. The theme this time was to make a music clock and experience the excitement of the strange-and-interesting world of electric science, such as by the soldering process, completing the clock, checking to see that the LED light comes on and that the music sounds, and more. At this workshop about the history and mechanism of clock work, the participants got to experience the fascinating field of electronic science. Some of the students who participated commented as follows: “In making a clock, I came to understand just how hard it is to assemble something,” “There are lots of different parts, and I got to see how each of them plays an important role. I was so impressed.”

Workplace Tour/Off-School Site Learning for Elementary School Students (Technical Center)
Workplace Tour/Off-School Site Learning for Elementary School Students (Technical Center)
Workplace Tour/Off-School Site Learning for Elementary School Students (Technical Center)
To contribute to the local community and train upcoming generations, we now accept elementary school children every year for worksite tours and out-of-school workshops. The worksite tours involve overviews of products made by TDK, using electron microscopes, building solar cars, and many other participation-based events organized and supported by employees.

Sports, Art and Culture Activities

TDK strives to be an "exciting company, " capable of providing quality and excitement to stakeholders. TDK provides support in inspirational sports and art activities that uplift people's hearts.

Outreach Mini-Concert (Head Office Corporate Communications Group)
Outreach Mini-Concert (Head Office Corporate Communications Group)

In May 2016, five woodwind instrument musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker performed at the Chiyoda Ward Kojimachi Junior High School (Tokyo).
Four pieces including a Danzi wind quintet piece were performed, followed by an encore of “Moon Over a Ruined Castle” and other pieces arranged for a quintet by the orchestra members. The students were enthralled by the changing tone of the wind instruments in accordance with each tune.

At the artist question-and-answer session, each of the members answered questions such as: “How much did you practice?”, “Why did you decide to become a musician and how old were you when you decided?”. At the final joint performance, the entire group of students sang the song “Blooming flowers” to the accompaniment of the junior high school brass band club plus the wind quintet. This was an experience that the students will not soon forget!

Students Invited to Open Rehearsal (Head Office Corporate Communications Group)
Students Invited to Open Rehearsal (Head Office Corporate Communications Group)

In May 2016, we invited 200 music students as well as 100 Deutsche Schule Tokyo Yokohama students to the open rehearsal, ahead of the TDK Orchestra Concert.

Before the rehearsal, we invited concert sommelier Satoshi Asaoka to give us an overview of the music and highlights in a preliminary lecture. Later, at the rehearsal, the students listened attentively as Simon Rattle, chief conductor and artistic director, completed the music pieces while coordinating and communicating with orchestra members.

The students remarked as follows: “I was inspired by the fact that I saw things I couldn’t experience at a concert such as how music is actually made, breathing coordination, etc.

Environmental Conservation Activities

TDK is engaged in R&D activities to provide products that make people's lives more convenient. But we also work earnestly on various environmental conservation activities to contribute to the symbiosis with the global environment.

Tree-Planting at the Plant (EPCOS (Zhuhai FTZ) Co., Ltd.)
Tree-Planting at the Plant(EPCOS (Zhuhai FTZ) Co., Ltd.)
At the Zhuhai Plant (China), employee volunteers planted about 100 trees on the plant site to commemorate the Day of the Tree. We are moving ahead with workplace-building that’s both environmentally-friendly and that works well for employees
Park Cleanup Project (TDK Taiwan Corporation)
Park Cleanup Project (TDK Taiwan Corporation)
Park Cleanup Project (TDK Taiwan Corporation)
In Taiwan, we hold regular cleanup events at local parks including Yangming Park and Sanmin Park. We received a thank-you letter from the park. This is one of TDK’s long-term TDK environmental conservation projects that is rooted deep in the community.
TDK Beech Forest Tree-Planting Event (Akita Area)
Participation in Nagaoka’s “No Car Day” (TDK-Lambda Corporation)
The TDK Beech Forest tree-planting event was held on the Mt. Chokai Reiho Park, where 600 saplings were planted. Over the 11-year period through 2015, a total of 6,000 trees have been planted, following which we have implemented continuous forest conservation by fertilization following each planting. One-hundred and twelve people participated in the event.

Social Welfare and Local Community Service Activities

TDK conducts its business activities on a global basis. We endeavor to apply our resources in a positive manner and provide help in overcoming various challenges in local communities, in order to realize a better society.

Sponsoring a Charity Food Booth (EPCOS Elektronikai Alkatrèsz Kft.
Support for Students (EPCOS (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.)
At a charity event, Szombathely Plant team members worked at a booth to sell the well-known Hungarian dish of goulash (beef stew with paprika). All proceeds went to accommodation for families of hospitalized children.
Therapy Room installed (TDK Philippines Corporation)
Donation of Reflecting Seals (TDK Ugo Corporation)
With donations from employees, we have established a Therapy Room for children with disabilities. In addition, as a lifelong assistance project, we have collected empty toilet paper rolls from plants, providing this material for the children to make such items as pen stands and piggy banks. The PTA at the facility sells these products, with the profits used to add to the salaries of occupational therapists.

Disaster Area Assistance

Volunteer Recovery Assistance Projects for the Great East Japan Earthquake (TDK-MCC Corporation, Kitakami Plant)
Support for Students (EPCOS (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.)
As part of the Great East Japan Earthquake assistance projects in Iwate Prefecture, we helped people move from temporary housing to their own homes and also engaged in weeding. In addition, wishing to offer even a little comfort to earthquake victims, we planted rapeseeds on unused land.
Volunteer recovery assistance in Kumamoto Prefecture (Mikumagawa Plant)
Donation of Reflecting Seals (TDK Ugo Corporation)
In Kumamoto Prefecture, to answer to requests for assistance from individual disaster victims, we sent volunteers to visit the homes of local disaster victims to check with these people on what they needed done, followed by the actual work. A total of 29 volunteers took part.
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