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TDK aims to contribute to society through various activities based on the aspects of creativity and culture that stand at the core of TDK's corporate philosophy. As a good corporate citizen, TDK encourages all of its employees to participate in creative activities globally to promote a well-balanced society with an awareness of the importance of making a contribution to society. In the area of environmental conservation as well, TDK is taking practical steps in countless small ways to promote harmonious interactions within the global environment.

December 2011

Tree Planting and Fertilizing at the TDK Beech Forest (TDK Akita Area)

The TDK Beech Forest was established in September 2004 through an agreement between TDK Corporation, the city of Nikaho, Akita Prefecture, and the Society for Planting Buna at Chokaizan. Since 2004, many TDK employees in the Akita district and their families have participated in the annual tree-planting event?over 100 people every time. After the tree planting is over, everyone has an outdoor meal together in the forest.

Events are divided into tree planting and a nature walk in October and fertilizing the trees in June after the snows melt. Over the seven-year period, a total of 4,200 trees have been planted on a total land area of 11,260 square meters. These activities will be continued, and 1,200 more trees are scheduled to be planted through 2013.

The tree-planting activities held on October 8, 2011, were filmed at the TDK Beech Forest and made available here as a video report

Video: Tree Planting on Oct. 8, 2011

Timeline of TDK Beech Forest Tree-Planting Activities

Year Tree Planting Fertilizing
Date of Activity Area Covered (m2) Trees Planted No. of Participants from TDK Group Date of Activity No. of Participants from TDK Group
2004 Sat., Oct. 23 540 200 180 - -
2005 Sat., Oct. 15 1,000 400 186 Sat., Jun. 11 22
2006 Sat., Oct. 21 1,620 600 234 Sat., Jun. 10 44
2007 Sat., Oct. 13 1,620 600 201 Sat., Jun. 9 117
2008 Sat., Oct. 15 1,620 600 218 Sat., Jun. 14 108
2009 Sat., Oct. 21 1,620 600 234 Sat., Jun. 13 110
2010 Sat., Oct. 16 1,620 600 168 Sat., Jun. 12 119
2011 Sat., Oct. 16 1,620 600 152 Sat., Jun. 11 134
Total Sat., Oct. 15 11,260 4,200 1,573   654

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