TDK Digest

A collection of useful things to know about 'Electronic Components TDK.'

How did TDK get its name?

TDK was originally established as Tokyo Denki Kagaku Kogyo K.K.
The initials were used for many years in product catalogs and other materials
until in 1983 the company name was formally changed to TDK Corporation.

What are some of TDK's achievements ?

TDK was established in 1935 in order to commercialize products using ferrite, a revolutionary electronic material discovered in Japan. The company has grown in tandem with the world of electronics, achieving numerous technological breakthroughs
to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic components.

What kind of products does TDK make?

Capacitors, inductors, sensors and other electronic components,HDD heads, magnets, rechargeable batteries, and power supplies are some of the wide range of products that TDK supplies to meet market needs for the advancement of society through electronics.

How are TDK products used ?

TDK's products and technologies are at work in personal computers, smartphones and other information and communication devices, home appliances, automobiles, industrial equipment, solar and wind power generation and other applications in the field of energy, and in many kinds of electronic devices and systems used by people in their everyday lives.

What is so amazing about TDK technology ?

The strength of TDK is its ability to develop superior electronic materials and elicit the best from those materials. TDK has especially developed magnetic technologies, originating with ferrite, that have resulted in numerous world-leading electronic components and devices.

What kind of sales does TDK have?

TDK's consolidated net sales for the corporate group exceeded 1 trillion yen as of March 2015. Only a handful of manufacturers in the world making electronic components and devices have reached this level, and the outlook ahead is for a 10% annual increase in sales going forward.

What kind of people work for TDK?

TDK is a global firm with production sites, R&D centers, and sales offices in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, including Asia and Japan, Europe, and the Americas.
The total number of employees worldwide has reached 88,076 as of March 2015.

What environmental measures are being taken?

To exist in harmony with the global environment, TDK has developed eco-friendly products of all kinds and in 2011 started promoting activities aimed at achieving carbon neutrality*-the first company in the electronic components industry to do so.

* TDK is working for the environment by expanding the reduction of CO2 emissions in society through TDK's products in addition to achieving reductions in CO2 emissions in production activities.

Where can we see
TDK ads ?

TDK has LED billboards in New York, Shanghai, and many other major cities around the world. TDK is also an official men's bib sponsor for the IAAF World Championships in Athletics. The TDK logo is known worldwide.