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IR Events

  • Performance Briefings

    Presentation of contents, distributed materials, etc. of Performance Briefings; visual and audio data also available for latest full-year conference

  • IR Meeting

    Presentation of contents, distributed materials, etc. of IR-related meetings

  • General Meeting of Shareholders

    Presentation of notification of convocation, notification of resolutions, and results of execution of voting rights; videos also available for latest General Meeting of Shareholders

  • IR Calendar

    Annual schedule of main IR events, such as General Meeting of Shareholders, announcements of earnings, starting day for payment of dividends, etc.

IR Latest Documents

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  • Securities Report
  • Financial Results
  • Performance Briefings
  • Business Strategy Meeting
  • Annual Report
  • Investors' Guide
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IR Calendar

  • Mar. 31, 2015
    Confirmation of shareholders eligible for year-end dividend
  • IR Calendar
  • モーニングスター社会的責任投資株式指数への組み入れ
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