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Stock & Corporate Bonds

  • Dividend Dates

    Announcements relating to record date and payment of dividends

  • Stock Information

    In addition to basic information on TDK stock, information available on share distribution, major shareholders (top 10), etc.

  • Price Info

    Share price information for TDK stock listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • Common Stock and Number of Shares Issued

    Changes in common stock and number of shares issued

  • Articles of Incorporation and Share Handling Regulations

    Latest articles of incorporation and share handling regulations available in PDF format

  • Owner Returns

    Information on basic policy relating to earnings distribution, next-term dividend prospects, shareholder returns, etc.

  • Analyst Coverage

    List of analysts of securities companies who make recommendations and reports of TDK’s performance, etc.

  • Bonds

    Outline of already issued corporate bonds, including term and interest rate

  • Ratings

    Latest rating information (company rating, short-term corporate bond rating)

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  • Securities Report
  • Financial Results
  • Performance Briefings
  • Business Strategy Meeting
  • Annual Report
  • CSR Report
  • Investors' Guide
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