• Biomagnetic Field Sensing for More People

Biomagnetic Field Sensing for More People

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This technology enables the early detection of heart disease with little impact on the body while taking the measurement. This joint research by TDK and the Tokyo Medical and Dental University is aimed at visualizing the movement of the heart by using magnetic sensors. It can be applied not only for measurement and diagnosis, but is also expected to have important applications in sports science and healthcare. Four experts in medicine and MONOZUKURI (manufacturing excellence) discuss this latest trend in biomagnetic field sensing.

Shigenori Kawabata, M.D., Ph.D.
G.M. Tamon Kasajima
Kenzo Hirao, M.D.
Manager Shuichi Okawa

For more details on biomagnetic sensors, visit TDK Developing Technology.

Biomagnetic sensors enable alternatives to SQUID
High-sensitivity sensing of a weak biomagnetic field at room temperature. The first time in the world to achieve a visualization of the heart's magnetic field distribution using a room-temperature sensor.
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Click for press release on joint research between Tokyo Medical and Dental University and TDK.

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