CSR Activities

Develop Human Resources

  • The importance to our company

    At TDK, we consider our employees to be one of our most important assets in carrying out our corporate motto of “Contribute to culture and industry through creativity,” as well as in achieving ongoing growth over the medium to long term.
    We therefore respect each of them as individuals, working to maximize their unique abilities and potential and at the same time encouraging a high level of independence.

  • Expectations by stakeholders

    In tandem with implementing systems and a corporate culture that respect the differences and values of each of our employees, we also provide specific opportunities and the optimal environment designed to maximize the individual abilities and potential of our employees and to impart them with a significant degree of independence.

Basic policy

Our aim at TDK is growth by way of becoming a genuine global company. In this connection, human resources development is considered a cornerstone concept. Along with identifying highly capable human resources and fostering an environment that draws out their individual abilities and potential, we also work to forge a corporate culture that respects the diversity of our human resources and also encourages mutual respect and recognition of efforts between our employees. Shaping a global business environment that attracts truly global personnel to the TDK Group, we at TDK are committed to generating innovative products and services on an ongoing basis and thereby doing our part for society in general.

Main Achievements in Fiscal 2015

Cross-cultural communication training participants (Total to date)


As the scale of our business has grown truly global, there is an increased need for all of our employees, not to mention those assigned overseas, to improve their cross-cultural communication skills. With this in mind, TDK has strengthened its support for language learning, primarily through e-learning. TDK also conducts cross-cultural communication training sessions at various regional locations ultimately to enhance our ability to function as a global business.

Overseas Trainee Program participants (Total to date)


As our global business is expected to expand further in the future, the Overseas Trainee Program was established in 2010. Aimed at younger employees, this program involves year-long placements at overseas subsidiaries. Participants gain a better understanding of different cultures and how to make use of this knowledge. They acquire the ability to engage in global business and establish a personal international network. Besides sending trainees overseas from Japan, TDK also sends people from other countries to Japan

Percentage of foreign national company presidents at Group subsidiaries


Approximately 90% of TDK Group employees are now nationals of countries other than Japan. We work to boost corporate value by placing the optimal human resources in the most appropriate position and location, regardless of factors such as nationality, race, and gender—in contrast making these differences our strength.