CSR Activities

Consider the Societal and Environmental Impact of the Supply Chain

  • The importance to our company

    TDK is a midstream company group that functions as both a supplier and a buyer. Along with avoiding risk by taking steps to protect the environment and social interests by way of our supply chain, we also boost the competitiveness of our supply chain through training and guidance.

  • Expectations by stakeholders

    At TDK, we not only comply with and observe the relevant laws and global industrial regulations, we also fulfill our social responsibilities by providing assistance to our suppliers. Additionally, we work to ameliorate the social impact of corporate activities including issues such as conflict minerals.

Basic policy

Consider the Societal and Environmental Impact of the Supply Chain represent extremely important issues for the TDK Group as a midstream company. In light of the latest related laws and ordinances as well as global industrial regulations, as part of our responsibilities as a supplier we take note of the labor environment at TDK Group production sites. Similarly, as a buyer, we ascertain the labor environment conditions of our business partners. We then implement training and guidance as required with a view to improvement. In this way we forge a solid supply chain—from upstream to downstream—to fulfill our social responsibilities.

Main achievements in Fiscal 2015

No. of CSR audits (Fiscal 2014–15 cumulative total)


We see CSR audits as an opportunity to upgrade our CSR activities. At the same time, amid moves to strengthen CSR activities in the supply chain as a whole, we are concerned that CSR audit redundancies among companies will lead to a confused response and fatigue. Therefore, we see the number of CSR audits as an important barometer. We will continue to gauge the number of audits and search for effective methods of implementing CSR audits in the value chain as a whole.

CSR check sheets for suppliers (No. of companies given improvement guidance)


In order to realize CSR procurement that enhances corporate value for both ourselves and our suppliers, we believe it is important for suppliers themselves to notice things and make their own improvements. That is why we see the number of companies given improvement guidance as a result of CSR check sheets for suppliers as an important barometer.

(Ratio of items confirmed to be not involved in conflicts)


Our customers fully expect that TDK products do not contain conflict minerals.
To ensure that conflict minerals are not used, we ask that our suppliers apply the same standards as the TDK Group on conflict minerals and also conduct regular surveys on the subject.