CSR Activities

Contribute to the World through Technology

  • The importance to our company

    In accordance with our Medium Term Plan which started in fiscal 2015, we are focusing on the three key markets of automotive, ICT and industrial equipment & energy, taking advantage of our proprietary technology development capabilities to open up new business opportunities and realize monozukuri reform. The overall aim is to offer products that make a meaningful contribution to society while also resulting in a sustainable improvement of corporate value.

  • Expectations by stakeholders

    Responding to climate change by harnessing TDK’s core technologies, in particular energy conservation and renewable energy, promote the development of new technologies and the spread of products that help to bring about a lowcarbon society. Sales ratio for our

Basic policy

Contribute to the world through technology is a key concern for TDK. Toward this end, we are focusing on innovative technology development in our three key markets of automotive, ICT and industrial equipment & energy, helping to save, store, and reuse energy and solve other pressing issues that modern society is facing. Furthermore, the pursuit of “zero defect quality” based on superior technological competence and realized through a unified production process that extends from the raw materials to the final product will continue unchanged also in future. Providing high quality products and services is our way of striving for the advancement of humankind.

Main Achievements in Fiscal 2015

Research and development costs

84.9billion yen

TDK firmly believes that creating new products in a timely manner creates value for society and also contributes to corporate value earnings. Continued research and development efforts directed at the creation of attractive and innovative products are the very key to our company’s existence. As we move into the future, technological innovation in our three key markets is a top priority, and we will continue to make R&D investments targeted at bringing forth new products of value.

Sales ratio for our three key markets: automotive, ICT and industrial equipment & energy*


To help us overcome the challenges of the current competitive environment, we at TDK have conducted reviews and revisions of our entire business portfolio over the past few years, implementing structural reforms including the optimization of our manufacturing sites. Because we have made a certain level of progress on these initiatives, we have now concluded large-scale structural reforms. By focusing our business resources on our three key markets of ICT, automotive, and industrial equipment & energy, as well as our five priority segments as of fiscal 2014, we secure growth and make the shift to a balanced profit structure where we can boost profits in each segment.

  • * Includes HDD heads and suspensions